Correction: Re: Whistleblowing? (was Re: [asa] Hadley files stolen and published on the internet...)

From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Mon Nov 23 2009 - 18:22:42 EST

For "autonomy" read "anonymity" in the below - sigh...

Murray Hogg wrote:
> I might only add that there's certain issues around the question of
> autonomy which worry me here: A whistle-blower (or a media source for
> that matter) is at least KNOWN to somebody who is prepared to vouch
> for the credibility of the source. I can accept that law enforcement
> agencies, government departments, large corporations and journalists
> need to protect the identity of sources, and I can accept that
> autonomy is often a necessary part-and-parcel of whistle-blowing - but
> in the CRU case the person who released the information seems totally
> unprepared to stand behind it - to vouch for it's authenticity or to
> offer any clue as to its context.

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