Re: [asa] Political posts

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Mon Nov 23 2009 - 18:09:57 EST


The ASA clearly and unambiguosly invites you, as a political scientist, to become a member. Our definition of "science" includes several of the social sciences, including political science. Please do not revisit this issue again: we understand that you aren't convinced, but it is not a matter of opinion that a degree in political science, coupled with affirmation of our faith statement, qualifies you to join as a full member. It's a simple fact, whether or not you accept it.

Forgive me, Gregory, for being blunt about this: it's time for you to put up, or shut up, relative to this issue. You can join the ASA, and then have the right to render opinions about how you fit into our organization. Or, you can give it a rest. You are not a member; you are a guest here. You do not have the right to use our list to question the sincerity or accuracy of what we state concerning our own criteria for membership.

Nuff said, Gregory?

Ted (ASA president)

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