Re: [asa] Hadley files stolen and published on the internet...

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Mon Nov 23 2009 - 15:09:42 EST

In light of the conversation about the Hadley files, I have a few questions to ask. I assure everyone that they are open questions, not leading questions. Here we go:
(1) Is this particular incident any different, in principle, to having the "wedge" document from TDI made available publicly, after it was hacked from the TDI web site?
(2) Is this particular incident any different, in principle, to reporters calling up government officials/employees, and getting them to admit (with promises of confidentiality) to certain activities and/or conversations that would otherwise not be known to the general public? In other words, can this be seen as equivalent to investigative journalism?
I can see a public policy component in this incident, and for that reason I am not seeing any reasons to distinguish this incident from the types mentioned above. Obviously I may be missing something, or others may see it differently even if I am not missing something.

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