Re: [asa] Hadley files stolen and published on the internet...

From: David Clounch <>
Date: Mon Nov 23 2009 - 14:41:52 EST

"something about the cat in the corner of the sitting room trying to get the
elephant back in the bag"


Last night Nova stated that humans originated from a colony of about 600
individuals and everybody on earth is descended from them. And they became
human 50,000 years ago. And they moved to the coast and diversified their
diet. Why? Glaciation in Europe and the expansion of desert to cover
almost all of Africa caused them to go to the coast and caused damage to
the competition (400,000 year old neanderthals).

But last week I also saw a mile deep ice core. And samples at 100,000 years
ago show the earth's temp at that time was 9 degrees warmer than now.
Explain that and how GW does or does not fit that cycle. Seems to me the
earth had some wild cycles before anybody played with it. That data which
we thought was in the noise level - guess what - the noise level is actually
even higher.

Mysteries abound, and I think people being incredibly nasty to each other
really sucks.

What then does make me angry:

This week the AP reported that wind power in South Dakota is dead. Why?
Cap and trade caused Ottertail to pull out of the Big Stone II clean coal
project, which is now cancelled. But without the plant the transmission
lines are cancelled too. And those are needed for the wind turbines in SD
to get to market. So the gov. of SD is saying the wind industry in his
state will disintegrate.

Well, my cat is throwing up. I'm going to join him.

On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 1:09 PM, Murray Hogg <>wrote:

> Thanks for the RealClimate link, John, I found the preamble to be pretty
> sane.
> Reality is, though, that just as with the question of Global Warming
> itself, people will make what they want of the "data".
> I'm going to maintain my previous diffidence to the contents of those
> e-mails: wrenched out of context as they are, they don't in and of
> themselves amount to a hill of beans. Predictably, however, people are going
> to have a lot of fun pontification about their "obvious" meanings and
> implications.
> I sympathise with Keith's point, incidentally, but I'm tempted to the
> utilization of mixed metaphors - something about the cat in the corner of
> the sitting room, or trying to get the elephant back in the bag, or
> something of that sort. Given the mileage the anti-GW partisans will make of
> this material, I'm not sure what the ethical obligations now are for those
> who want to offer some sort of realistic perspective on the matter.
> Blessings,
> Murray
> John Burgeson (ASA member) wrote:
>> Thanks, Murray. posted an analysis of the hacking
>> incident yesterday. I'll be looking at it later this week.
>> I read with interest Janice's parting barbs at you (and me). I guess
>> in some cases a person's character is determined by the character of
>> their detractors! <G>
>> I appreciate your insightful posts, even when I may not entirely agree
>> with them.
>> Burgy
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