Re: [asa] Hadley files stolen and published on the internet...

From: Schwarzwald <>
Date: Mon Nov 23 2009 - 10:29:33 EST

There's something innately humorous about suggesting no one read, distribute
or discuss the content of those emails owing to, of all things, professional
ethics. The violation of which these emails, if they are accurate, are
exposing in great detail.

And as someone who has watched one bit of "Christian ethics" after another
fall under question over the years - from sodomy to gay marriage to abortion
to who knows what else - I find it hard to accept that the line is now so
clear, so utterly crystal clear, when it comes to leaking emails indicating
politicking and corruption of the scientific process. It's not like the
reason everyone is talking about this is because it was exposed that
Scientist X sure has a hankerin' for hookers. (Not that Christian ethics are
clear on that being unethical anymore, I suppose, depending on who one

I wonder how many people, if these were the emails of climate skeptics,
would be calling it "whistleblowing" and an act of heroism. Indeed, I wonder
how many people would consider *the contents of these emails, if true* to be
heroic acts. After all, their hearts were in the right place. Right?

Sorry. I'm not even an AGW denier. But there's something grimly comical
about the reaction to the whole thing, and damned if I'm gonna pretend

On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 10:12 AM, Keith Miller <> wrote:

> With utter and deserved shame, if the contents of those emails are
>> accurate, and if we had any decency.
> The content of the e-mails is utterly irrelevant to the unethical nature of
> their aquisition and distribution. Distributing private e-mails is a breach
> of professional ethics, let alone Christian ones.
> Keith

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