Re: [asa] Star of Bethlehem presentation?

From: Merv Bitikofer <>
Date: Mon Nov 23 2009 - 00:16:12 EST

Dehler, Bernie wrote:
> I don't want to waste my time reading what I consider to be nonsense. If a follower of it likes it, they should be able to concisely answer the basic question if they knew. It would be painful for me to read it, like it is painful for an evolutionist to read Ken Ham. I did scan the excerpt and it didn't mention anything about how the Christ-child was located in the city/town.
> ...Bernie
Well, I guess I won't waste any time then trying to get you to read what
you have already decided ahead of time is nonsense. So I will only
include this link to Larson's site:, just in case you have a
change of heart and decide to brave the pain of intellectual growth. I
think you could find nearly all your questions answered in that and the
subsequent pages --that is, if you actually were looking for truth or
answers. In any case, I will do you the favor of refusing to do your
homework for you, and let you tough it out from here as you may choose.

One final disclaimer -- I don't want to come across that I endorse
everything that Larson says, though I don't have any particular point of
contention that I can recall as I say this. He does have some
interesting & supported speculations about passages in Revelation and
how the stars relate to prophecies there. Some of it may be a little
too suspiciously like strongly motivated concordism, and I would want
to study it a bit more before whole-heartedly subscribing; but be that
as it may, I try not to indulge too much in the fantasy, Bernie, that
every explanation of historical phenomena is either perfect &
scientifically complete, or else is complete nonsense; all the while
desperately pretending there isn't anything in between.

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