[asa] Re: Janice

From: Murray Hogg <muzhogg@netspace.net.au>
Date: Sat Nov 21 2009 - 13:44:01 EST

Hi John,

Yeah, I fell for JM's strategy a few months ago - thinking her e-mails
are still coming via ASA - unfortunately, like the drunk guy wearing the
lampshade at a party, she can't quite work out when she's overstayed
her welcome!

A couple of things you might try;

First, you could lodge a complaint with her ISP. I managed to finally
get myself removed from her mailing list after forwarding her abusive
e-mails to her ISP (Earthlink) abuse department:
<abuse@abuse.earthlink.net> - suggest you and others effected do the
same. Indeed, give that she clearly used the list to harvest e-mails for
her own personal use a complaint from the moderators might not be out of
order. With enough complaints her ISP might be moved to act. I imagine
they did so in my case as eventually the lampshade wearer got the hint
and went home.

Second, you could check if your ISP affords you a spam filtering
capability. Mine does, and after JM once again e-mailed me yesterday, I
placed her e-mail address on same. Unless she changes her e-mail
address, I won't hear from her again. Others might know whether there
are alternative spam filtering options - but as my ISP provides one, I
haven't felt the need to investigate.

Third, it probably helps simply not to send anything to JM direct - she
seems to be of the mind that every e-mail is an invitation - so "go
home, Janice" is somehow interpreted by her as "what an interesting
head-dress, do tell me all about it..." You'll note that I've cut her
e-mail address from the circulation list on this e-mail. If she wants to
read the ASA list, fine - but I won't, from here on in, dignify her
silliness with a direct response.

Sadly, there's not much more one can do.


John Burgeson (ASA member) wrote:
> Just FYI -- posts from Janice Matchett that apparently come through
> the ASA list are not doing so at all -- that is part of her trolling
> capability.
> I looked at the ASA archives and posts by her do not appear as far
> back as September 2008. It looks as if she figured out long ago that
> she could appear to be on the list by sending to it and ccing or
> bccing others she wished to harrass.
> George said he had successfully disengaged from her by just asking and
> she had said "Absolutely." I did the same thing and she gave me the
> same response. A day later she was back to her previous habits.
> I have not (yet) figured out how to block her messages. My delete key
> is showing signs of overuse.
> Burgy
> On 11/21/09, John Burgeson (ASA member) <hossradbourne@gmail.com> wrote:
>> It seems that when you wrote "Absolutely" to me after I asked you to
>> stop sending me your shotgun posts was less than truthful.
>> Part of the meaning of the word "integrity" is doing what you said you
>> would do.
>> jb
>> On 11/21/09, janice matchett <janmatch@earthlink.net> wrote:
>>> At 04:45 PM 11/20/2009, janice matchett wrote:
>>>> At 04:01 PM 11/20/2009, Murray Hogg wrote:
>>>>> Hi John, On that score, it's probably worth
>>>>> making a comment about Andrew Bolt, who happens
>>>>> to be a very well-known staff columnist on
>>>>> social and political issues for one of the two
>>>>> major daily papers in the city where I live.On
>>>>> social/political matters
> ... Bolt's leaning isblah blah blah for two pages

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