Re: [asa] Star of Bethlehem presentation?

From: Merv Bitikofer <>
Date: Sat Nov 21 2009 - 08:40:31 EST

I saw this presentation several years ago here in a K-State auditorium,
and found it quite interesting and plausible. I don't remember him
trying to use any of it as a "let's pound atheists over the head with
this" apologetic. If he had, many of us would have been much less
impressed. But what he DID do was to take all the scriptural references
to the star, and the magi very seriously, blending it with what we know
of astronomy today, of their culture then, and with what we can do with
software today to run the clock backwards and see what was in their
skies at a couple of the different proposed times for these biblical
events, and he comes out with a very plausible proposal for nailing down
the event to a certain date. I would recommend it.


Allan Harvey wrote:
> So is anybody here (particularly any astronomers) familiar with a guy
> named Rick Larson who has a supposedly scientific inspirational DVD
> presentation about the Star of Bethlehem. This appears to be his website:
> It will be shown (as an Adult Ed offering) at my church soon. Good,
> harmless, or something to steer people away from?
> Allan Harvey, ASA Member
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