RE: [asa] science education (was: YEC the default Christian belief?)

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What I had in mind was evolutionary or historical biology, or evolutionary theory, whereby everything is purportedly obtained from natural selection and random mutations. It is in this sense that I indicated that it would be an all-encompassing theory a sort of theory of everything. Surely, this sandbox is all-inclusive.

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To nit-pick at your terms below: I wouldn't call biology 'all-encompassing' as
much as perhaps 'more-encompassing' --nay, not even that, but rather: 'different
encompassing'. Biologists ask questions at a different level than physicists
do, and all but the most hard-line reductionist style thinkers would recognize
the distinction. It is, for the sciences, an analogous difference to the
difference between science and humanities as a whole.

Cameron, the main difference I see in what you seem to have in Ontario that that
you just plain have & require MORE science. Which is great --what science
teacher would object? If my students could get biology almost EVERY year AND
physics almost every year, and chemistry and earth science, ... all almost
every year, they would be much more scientifically literate as well. Problem is
that English teachers, math teachers, history teachers (not to mention a host of
worthy electives) all want their piece of time with the student. Maybe we just
need to be in school a lot more down here below the 49th parallel.


Quoting "Alexanian, Moorad" <>:

> ... Let us face it, the sandbox where physicists play is clear and
> finite. On the other hand, the sandbox that biologists play in is
> all-encompassing. Herein lies all the fights regarding Darwinism. That is why
> Phil Skell has been constantly emphasizing the importance of distinguishing
> the experimental aspect of biology versus the historical aspect, which I
> wholeheartedly agree.
> Moorad

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