Re: [asa] YEC the default Christian belief? (was: (aliens) November Newsletter from Reasonable Faith)

From: Blake Nelson <>
Date: Wed Nov 18 2009 - 20:36:44 EST

Since I have not chimed in for a year or two, I might as well chime in on
this because in my experience the importance of YEC seems so large in these
discussions compared to my own experiences growing up.

As someon who grew up a little more recently than Ted (in the 80s), but in
the Lutheran tradition in the Upper Midwest -- what would be Augustana synod
before the formation of the ELCA -- like Ted, I had no clue what the YEC
view was while growing up, nor was it an issue (George Murphy growing up
earlier and in a different synod at an earlier point in time might have a
different experience).
I presume this is true of many "mainline" protestants, but have nothing
other than personal experience to go by in that respect. My first
experience of YEC views was from non-mainline protestant denominatons.
(Mainstream may have a different meaning, but mainline, I think, had a
pretty well-defined meaning encompassing about seven denominations).

And, of course, was not aware of the Scofield Bible.

And, shockingly, evolution was never really an issue that I recall being of
any import growing up.

On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 7:56 PM, Ted Davis <> wrote:

> Unexpectedly, I found free wifi in the airport, and I'm taking advantage of
> it to chime in on this one.
> To answer Cameron's question: no, I didn't know what the YEC view was while
> growing up, in the home of a PCUSA minister. My dad never talked about
> science--he didn't know the first thing about it, and he knew that. Nor did
> I get it anywhere else. The first time I can remember hearing about YEC was
> in the mid-1970s. Shortly after that I took a teaching position at a
> fundamentalist school, where I heard a lot more about it. I didn't agree
> with it, taught alternatives, and was permitted to do so.
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