Re: [asa] YEC the default Christian belief? (was: (aliens) November Newsletter from Reasonable Faith)

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Date: Wed Nov 18 2009 - 17:47:35 EST


> But as far as church communities go, members may exercise just enough
> aptitude (or even just preference) to select their preferred climate on
> these issues. (Don't like evolution? suspicious of science? Then attend
> church X but not Y...) After that, its insular all the way...
> --Merv
Don't let it be thought that I'm not acknowledging both directions on the whole
'insular' thought. Do you like science; don't like all those
anti-evolutionists and their associated politics? --then you'll be choosing
church Y and definitely not X! That way both communities get to speak about
those misled souls "out there", and strategize against or ignore the outsiders
accordingly. Love and fellowship does build community,yes; but I'm afraid we've
latched onto fear as a type of community glue as well. Among protestant folks
in my particular small (Mennonite) church, YECs would be rare I'm pretty sure.
Among Catholic friends of mine, I think the same would be true, but that isn't
the particular insular community I'm found in on Sunday morning, so I can't be sure.


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