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From: gordon brown <Gordon.Brown@Colorado.EDU>
Date: Wed Nov 18 2009 - 14:31:07 EST

On Wed, 18 Nov 2009, John Walley wrote:

> Finally, from another thread it is humorous to hear Cameron finally
> understanding what many have told him along. YEC is the default Christian
> belief in the US. Many if not most on this list came from that although only
> a few will admit it. He acts surprised when he finds a former one. He should
> be surprised instead to find someone who grew up in a church in the US that
> was not YEC,. To my knowledge, I don't even know of any one like that. Most
> non-YEC testimonies are from people who grew up in secular non-religious
> homes like Hugh Ross for instance. To be totally honest I don't know of any
> church anywhere that openly teaches the universe was created at the Big Bang
> 14BYA still today. The best you can find is one that is open to it but they
> still keep it secret like talking about politics.

In the middle of the twentieth century the Scofield Reference Edition was
the preferred Bible edition for U.S. evangelicals. Its notes endorsed the
gap theory as did a number of popular Christian authors and radio
preachers such as M.R. DeHaan on the Radio Bible Class. Although this
theory does not specifically deny a young earth, it is compatible with an
old earth, which was not fatal for it in evangelical circles. However the
supposed Biblical basis for it is unconvincing, and there are other
difficulties in reconciling it with scientific discoveries.

Gordon Brown (ASA member)

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