Re: [asa] Re: On the Barr-West exchange and ID/TE

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Wed Nov 18 2009 - 07:19:31 EST

John: Phil is almost certainly an OEC, although he is much more sympathetic to the YEC view than most OECs are. My sense is that Phil found better fellowship among YECs than he did among the TEs he had hoped to win over to the ID view that he was advancing in the early 1990s. Owing to his general silence on the age issue, it wasn't too hard for the YECs to embrace his ideas, since they were aimed at undermining the standard view of the fossil record.

John Mark Reynolds is publicly known as a YEC; with Paul Nelson, he wrote the section advocating that view in the "Three Views: Creation/Evolution" book several years ago. Dean Kenyon is publicly a YEC, and probably the most important in terms of influencing early ID attitudes toward evolution. Without relying on private information, simply going on my knowledge of past views/educational backgrounds and my instincts in reading what they've written, I would say that at least three more fellows of TDI are probably YEC, though two of those people might be formally agnostic. I don't know where J. P. Moreland comes down on this; he taught at Liberty at one point, which implies that he was a YEC at that point; however most of what he's written makes more sense if he's an OEC.

Mostly I think the dynamic is similar to what I said above about Johnson: b/c ID proponents themselves are not given warm welcomes in most academic circles, for various reasons (most of which I do not share and some of which I simply deplore), they are in general much friendlier to those YECs who don't attack them as wolves in sheep's clothing. Just as I can have helpful conversations with YECs who don't consign me to perdition, so they can even work with such folks. You don't find YEC attack dogs here--no Hams, Sarfatis, Hovinds, or Gishes. That simply wouldn't fly. Gotta go.


>>> John Walley <> 11/18/09 2:05 AM >>>
I suspect he is referring to Phil Johnson as one of the others. I am not sure who the third would be though.

But then again, several years ago "the upper echelons" of ID would haev been different than today. Today I don't think anyone would consider Nelson or Johnson in the upper echelons of ID, at least not the public face of it.


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