Re: [asa] The Evolution of the God Gene

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Tue Nov 17 2009 - 21:33:30 EST

In general, the studies on the evolution convey the impression that
scientism is assumed and that religion is regarded as entirely a
product of the evolutionary process. Additionally, there is an
extremely superficial and disparaging equation of religion with the
deities will punish you if you don't behave.

The idea that this is a friendly approach to religion is not new; a
similar spin is present in a ca. 1936 biology textbook I have that
identifies modern religions as having developed from the household
gods of times past but that both religion and science are quests for
truth and can get along.

Of course, if God created us via an evolutionary process we should not
be surprised if He worked some inclination towards religion via
evolution, and as God is interested in our best interests, religion
can very well be a route to biological success. It could be done in a
religion-friendly way, but rarely is.

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