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Date: Tue Nov 17 2009 - 18:10:15 EST

It is irrelevant as to the stance of the leaders. If the leaders want to include YEC's in ID membership to make a "big tent" movement they can do that... and have. That's why YEC's are welcome there.

Gregory is pushing some kind of fallacy. Along his line, there are no women in the Catholic church. After all, how many women are in leadership? How many Popes and Bishops have been women? Probably zero.

Women are to the Catholic church what YEC's are to ID. Great supporters! And not in hierarchical leadership.

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"nearly all ID leaders are not YECs." - Ted Davis

Thanks, this goes to rebute Rich Blinne's view.

Now he can argue with you instead of with others about it.


p.s. no worries, I won't calculate any percentages into your statement of 'nearly all' since that is obviously not your intention (though it was not clear with your five 'persons' example). but the point above still stands strongly against Rich's TE perspective. we both knew this already and i thank you for telling it straight.

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