Re: Re: [asa] What is the Christian reaction to Ray Comfort's use of "The Origin of Species"

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Date: Tue Nov 17 2009 - 08:41:50 EST


The BioLogos Foundation presumedly could do that. They already have a web
site at and a blog with very active discussions
that include YECs at They
just need to get the word out to pastors and churches.

Paul Bruggink (also playing with other people's chips) ;-)

On Nov 17, 2009 5:12am, John Walley <> wrote:

> Maybe it shouldn't fall to the ASA but someone should start a sister
> organization that would be the TE equivalent of the DI and that
> organization could just use ASA as a thinktank and policy research
> center. Maybe we get Francis Collins to head it when he retires in a few
> years. I know I am gambling with other people's chips here but I can't
> help trying to find a way to fix this problem in the church.

> After discovering the ASA, I couldn't help but to think it was the best
> kept secret in the church. There is so much knowledge and wisdom here and
> so many people out there need it so badly, there should be a way to try
> to get it to them. At least that is what I am passionate about.

> Thanks

> John

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