Re: [asa] philological notes on randomness

From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Sun Nov 15 2009 - 18:05:59 EST

Cameron Wybrow wrote:
> The
> intellectually proper thing for Richard and/or Randy to do is to
> acknowledge
> that perhaps the text in question has been mistranslated or
> over-translated,
> to withdraw it from the argument, and to look for evidence from
> elsewhere in
> the Bible to make the point -- and then to get someone like myself or
> George
> Murphy or Pete Enns to check out the translation before applying it to
> any
> argument. But based on my experience, it would not be wise for me to
> hold
> my breath waiting for such a retraction or such a change in modus
> operandi.
If I generalize what you are saying and maybe I am misreading this but
it sounds to me as if you are proposing a return to a time when only the
clergy and experts were able to read the bible and understand it???
This is not to say that in this particular case the translation in our
Bibles could well be wrong. Having verbally translated for people into
a Semitic language and back I know it is not easy.

Dave W

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