Re: [asa] Re: Of Martian Sculptures

From: Randy Isaac <>
Date: Fri Nov 13 2009 - 22:19:21 EST

John, with your concept of frontloading, why would you lean more to a deistic type than to Howard Van Till's view of RFEP?


John Walley wrote:

My TE position on creation is indistinguishable from Deism. In fact I don't have any objection to it at all as far as how God created the universe.

The only objection I have to it is when they try to say He doesn't intervene in the affairs of the world and people which I reject. That is obviously false and where we part company with atheists.

That is not to say that maybe God did intervene in His creation of life at some point after He kicked it off but we don't need that to be the case and there is no point in arguing for it. It doesn't make God any less God for him to have done it all up front rather than throughout the process. See the great quotes below.

In fact, it is more consistent with how He created the physical universe by frontloading all the laws of physics into the Big Bang and letting them take it from there. I have long speculated that there would one day be discovered some bioanthropic principle in life that accounts for all this mystery of evolution and the metabolism of the cell today.

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