Re: [asa] ID/TE rapprochement

From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Fri Nov 13 2009 - 20:42:50 EST

Cameron Wybrow wrote:
> I warmly welcome Murray's attempt to show that there is a potentially
> significant overlap between ID and TE. In fact, I welcome it so warmly
> that
> I will forgive his continued misspelling of my name. :-)

Sorry, old bean, won't happen again - at least, not until then next time.

I feel a story coming on...

Australians have a habit of spelling my name "Murry" (rhymes with "hurry" I guess).

I once queried this, to which the response;

"Oh, that's the AUSTRALIAN spelling"

Curious that there would be an AUSTRALIAN spelling of a SCOTTISH name, I asked;

"Oh, you mean, as in 'Murray River'"

"That's right!"

You figure it out...

I only promise that I won't offer you the same excuse!

> Some of you know Venn diagrams.

Which is EXACTLY the mental image I have in mind and was EXACTLY the appeal I was about to make!

I'm not silly enough to think that ID and TE are the same thing, but I do think it obvious that there is an "intersect" and that it is becoming an increasingly plausible place to locate oneself. Certainly, not everybody will be comfortable with such a location as to inhabit it will require certain formulations that some find quite objectionable. And I suspect that it becomes a more and more difficult place to sit if one feels compelled to answer certain questions in certain ways.

But for those who allow that some questions need not yet be considered closed I think the intersect of ID and TE might be a quite agreeable place to be.


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