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From: Schwarzwald <>
Date: Thu Nov 12 2009 - 15:24:39 EST


Before I dig into a greater reply on this, I have to ask: Are you telling me
that any "unevolved intelligence" would by definition be God?

On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 2:54 PM, Ted Davis <> wrote:

> >>> Schwarzwald <> 11/12/2009 2:37 PM >>> writes:
> I'd also disagree with this oft-repeated claim that ID's argument is "if
> Darwinian evolution didn't do it then God did it!" I see this claimed again
> and again, again and again I ask for proof of this claim coming from Behe,
> or Dembski, or even the dreaded DI in general.. and again and again it's
> never forthcoming.
> ***
> Ted announces that it's now forthcoming.... TRUMPETS, PLEASE!!
> I quote from the opening paragraph of the general introduction to "Debating
> Design," ed. Dembski and Ruse, written by the editors--and therefore
> (presumably reflecting Bill's views).
> "ID is the hypothesis that in order to explain life it is necessary to
> suppose the action of an unevolved intelligence. One simply cannot explain
> organisms, those living and those long gone, by reference to normal natural
> causes or material mechanisms..."
> There follows an explicit statement that "it is not necessarily the case
> that a commitment to ID implies a commitment to a personal God or indeed to
> any God that would be acceptable to the world's major religions. The claim
> is simply that there must be something more than ordinary natural causes or
> material mechanisms, and moreover, that something must be intelligent and
> capable of bringing about organisms."
> I say, Schwarzwald, that despite the disclaimer, the opening sentences
> *are* tantamount to the claim that evolution didn't do it and that therefore
> God did it. Honestly and fairly, now, everyone: who in the known universe
> believes that an "unevolved intelligence" is not something an awfully lot
> like the "God" of monotheism. I'll put it this way: if that "unevolved
> intelligence" ain't "God," then God needs to find out who that man behind
> the curtain really is.
> Ted

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