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From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Wed Nov 11 2009 - 08:19:34 EST
Christine Smith wrote:
Hi all,

Found this on CNN, thought it might of interest to the group...
At the hospital compound where I lived while I took grade 9 by correspondence our chief guard had fought the Italians as a guerrilla all during the war.  At another place where we lived I recall a bomb exploding one Sunday afternoon as there was lots of unexploded ordinance that was still around some buried where something like a cooking fire could set it off. We transported injured people to the hospital.  The father of one of my friends John Cain was an Australian who was part of the liberating army that pushed the Italians out of Ethiopia.  Ethiopia was the first country to be liberated from the fascists. 
"Ethiopia was liberated in 1941 during World War II, with the help of troops from several African colonies, and its own soldiers fighting on the side of British forces."  

Probably off topic

Dave W

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