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From: dfsiemensjr <>
Date: Tue Nov 10 2009 - 16:55:20 EST

I fear you are thinking that, if you re not satisfied, no one can be
satisfied. However, a materialist can be satisfied with "that's just the
way nature is" as well as the Christian's "God made and sustains it so."
If the atheist desires, he can call on the multiverse and hold that we
just lucked out on the universe where the implicit pattern produced
intelligent life. This is not that far from the orthodox declaration that
God is ineffable. I hold that it is a matter of grace that I trust in
God. I think back on the times a student would say, "You're a
philosopher, and you're a Christian?"

I don't know enough about raelians and discordians to comment on them or
the possibility that they could have a consistent set of beliefs. However
it is possible to encounter a solipsist, but not to communicate with him.
Just as you do not communicate with something you know to be imaginary, a
solipsist would not communicate with you. I figure that he would eat
"imaginary" food because it make him feel better.

I should comment that, while consistency is required for a rational
system, it is not required of all human beings. YECs hold that the Word
of God and the works of God do not match very well. The older gap theory
did a little better. But there is a list of evidential arguments that
should no longer be used, though I have not seen then labelled lies.
Dave (ASA)

On Mon, 9 Nov 2009 23:12:59 -0500 Schwarzwald <>
Heya all,

I'm going to focus on what I'd disagree with as far as what's been posted
so far, just to throw in some consistent commentary on this subject.

* I disagree with Ted - strongly disagree - that Darwinism "allowed one
to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist". Though that could possibly
be to due differing understandings of being 'intellectually fulfilled'.
If all it means is "a person can be very intelligent and accomplished and
also an atheist", wonderful - but not only do I doubt that Darwin offered
much in that regard, but I'd also say that's an incredibly low-hanging
fruit, so to speak. In that case one can be an intellectually-fulfilled
raelian, discordian, and probably even solipsist.

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