[asa] Request for private comments from ASA members

From: Ted Davis <TDavis@messiah.edu>
Date: Mon Nov 09 2009 - 14:59:20 EST

This post is directed only at ASA members on this list. If you aren't one, please ignore this.

The past two issues of PSCF contained two of three parts of an essay I wrote about Arthur Compton; part three is coming in December. You should have that on schedule, since that issue is now at the press.

It is possible that the March issue could contain a related item: a very interesting, previously unpublished memorandum about Compton by his younger son, John Compton, a retired philosopher who is still living and whose input was enormously helpful to me as I worked on my essay. PSCF editor Arie Leegwater and I have discussed this possibility, but it would be very helpful to us to have opinions from members as part of the editorial decision. The question can be put simply, as follows: Do you want us to publish this further piece about Compton, or will you have had enough about Compton once the December issue is out?

If you have an opinion to share with me on this, please send it PRIVATELY. And, please send it THIS WEEK. Owing to my own schedule and to deadlines for the March issue, any comments received after this Friday cannot be considered.

Again, please insure that comments go only privately to me.

Thank you,


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