Re: [asa] A question on morals (OT and NT)

From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Mon Nov 09 2009 - 13:23:11 EST

C'mon Bernie - this is getting to hypothetical for words.

The entire point is that the Christian "mode" of ethics is NOT to derive a theoretical framework and then try to implement it.

So what you're actually asking Pete to do is to moralize according to a model he doesn't even accept.

Hopefully, you'll come to see that people can disagree on such issues and gain some tolerance for other people's opinions.


Dehler, Bernie wrote:
> Pete said:
> " You seem to be assuming that "turn the other cheek" is intended by
> Jesus to have absolutely validity regardless of circumstances? Am I
> reading you correctly?"
> I'm trying to find out how you, as an experienced and highly trained Christian, actually apply the teaching of Christ to an actual practical application. So it s a specific example trying to draw out your personal opinion on a specific situation.
> Pete said:
> "As for other situations, re: C, if it is a troubled teen I would take
> steps to have him apprehended and given the help he needs. A is the
> only real option in the case of an oppressed wife or child. I don't
> think I need to go, do I?"
> I'm trying to find out how you would respond "in the heat" if you could pre-meditate your response. Yes- apprehending him would be another choice. That is in line with the option of self-defense, as opposed to 'turning the other cheek' (no defense) or repaying 'evil for evil' (an active-aggressive mirror-type response).
> When you say you would choose "A" (turn the cheek) for an oppressed wife or child, it sounds like you are saying to use this option when the physical threat isn't much of a threat. Is that why you mentioned spouse or child? So you are saying if they are a real physical threat to you (more powerful than you), then you would try self-defense (protect yourself, get away, or apprehend them if possible), but if they are weaker, you would turn the other cheek?
> ...Bernie

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