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This stuff is fascinating. I've just started digging into it myself. I am
currently reading Nancey Murphy's "Religion and Science: God, Evolution,
and the Soul," (Pandora Press, 2002)and plan to read "Whatever Happened to
the Soul?: Scientific and Theological Poertaits of Human Nature," edited by
Warren S. Brown, Nancey Murphy and H. Newton Malony
(Fortress Press, 1998). I also have "Neuroscience and the Person:
Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action," edited by Robert John Russell,
Nancey Murphy, Theo C. Meyering and Michael A. Arbib (Vatican Observatory
and Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, 1999) but it may be
awhile before I get around to reading that one.

Maybe other ASA members and discussion group participants can comment on
the relative merits of these or other books or papers on the subject.

Paul Bruggink

On Nov 6, 2009 12:45pm, "Ryan Rasmussen, PE" <>

> I have recently stumbled on to a lot of discussions of QP and
> consciousness lately as I have been trying to increase my understanding
> of QP. In particular, on one of my all-too-frequent rabbit-trails, I was
> reading up on Polkinghorn's influences and was

> directed to Michael Polanyi and his work on transcendence-

> Then with Bernie's claim of there being no real 'soul' it led me into
> Glenn Millers work (which I was already reading because of the OT/NT
> morals argument) and found this

> Can I just say that this stuff is absolutely fascinating??

> What have ASA members found to be some of the favorite/best references
> addressing the combined fields of study? Anything with particular
> theistic input/relevance?

> Thanks,

> Ryan

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