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From: Ted Davis <TDavis@messiah.edu>
Date: Fri Nov 06 2009 - 10:20:12 EST

ASA members are cordially invited to attend any or all of the following

The reading group meets on Thursday, November 12 , at 7:00 pm in Kline 108.
 We will discuss chapters 4 to 7 in the book, "Galileo Goes to Jail." I
anticipate that Robert Russell will join us for this. Dr. Russell is doing
the symposium on Sat, Nov 14. Details are at

I am please to announce preliminary information about three events we will
sponsor in the spring. Additional details will go up on our web site once
they are available, but you might want to note the dates and times now.

Tuesday, March 2, at 7:00 pm in Hostetter Chapel Sanctuary. Free public
lecture, “Eureka: Edgar Allan Poe’s Big Bang Theory and the Power of
Imagination.” Speaker: Dr. Hal Poe, Charles Colson Professor of Faith and
Culture, Union University, Jackson, TN. An exhibit of Poe items, displayed
in the Messiah College library, accompanies this lecture.

Friday, March 26, at 7:30 pm in Frey Hall 110. Free public lecture,
“Alleviating Global Poverty Using Technology: How Can I (or You)
Possibly Make a Difference?” Speaker: Dr. Walter L. Bradley,
Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Baylor University.
Details for this one are already on our web site:

Saturday, April 10, from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm in Frey Hall 110. Free public
symposium, consisting of three lectures on the topic, “Creationism as a
Science.” Speaker: Dr. Todd Wood, Director of the Center for Origins
Research and Associate Professor of Science, Bryan College, Dayton, TN.

I hope to see you at some of these events. Please forward this information
to friends.

Thank you,


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