Re: [asa] on science and meta-science

From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Fri Nov 06 2009 - 02:11:16 EST
Gregory Arago wrote:
One word change:
"After all, I don't see that a Christian theology of SOCIETY demands that we invoke God at the drop of the hat just because we run across some explanatory difficulty. Which is to acknowledge the point that the Christian theist can be quite responsible in the practice of science without even so much as paying lip service to naturalism by invoking MN as a practical maxim."
If I understand you correctly then I think I agree, however I do have a question.  Assume a Christian who can subscribe to the ASA statement of faith.  In approaching the social sciences would such a Christian scientist not be likely to take cognizance of the tendency towards evil in humans more than a none Christian would?

"Naturalism is the ideology that preferences NPS above HSS."
What is NPS? 

I assume HSS is Human Social Science. 

If HSS is as I have defined it above, I wonder how you define a boundary between the study of animal social interaction and human social interaction?  Or are you implying that they are totally different and have no relationship at all? 

Dave W
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