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I teach at a school in which some various teachers give the students some Hovind
type video exposure. And while I can't find much I agree with in such materials
(and also don't care for the tone in which it comes across), I don't generally
make a stink. My own children know what I think because we discuss it, and as a
result they are inclined under my encouragement to see these as "critical
listening" opportunities. Then, if or when they speak up on something (even
though "discussion" or "thought" is not a key feature of any Hovind style
presentation), they at least become evidence to other shy people present that
not everybody agrees with the pep-rally style of confirming "truth". So by
staying, we can be salt for the earth in an academic sense too. The flip side
is that by my kids' mere presence they risk being falsely thought of as
enthusiasts. Perhaps this is no more than a rationalization of a conflict
avoider. But if everyone walks away who disagrees, the pep rally goes on with
more apparent gusto than ever! With really young kids, though, I'm more
inclined to think they shouldn't be forced into that uncomfortable
confrontational spot, and that their parents have the responsibility to take on
engagement or withdrawal.


Quoting Andrew Wetzel <>:

> Janice's link (* *
> proposes "neo-YEC" for the Kurt Wise / Todd Wood approach. Sounds good
> to me.
> I can relate to Louise's concerns as a parent, scientist, and Christian
> community member. If anyone wants to get together & put together an
> education package for churches & homeschoolers, count me in!
> Andrew Wetzel
> On 11/4/2009 12:19 PM, Louise Freeman wrote:
> >
> > Unfortunaely, I don't think the "honest creationists" (we need to
> > come up with a better term for them; the rank-and-file YEC's probably
> > wouldn't appreciate the implication that they are "dishonest
> > creationists') are as good at selling books, films and homeschooling
> > materials as the other kind. I have a feeling that, sooner or later,
> > the church youth group is going to offer a "study" on evolution of the
> > typical "it's a fraud" variety; and I'm going to be face with the
> > uncomfortable decision of whether to pull my kids from the class. Our
> > church bookstore sold Wells' Icons of Evolution until I pointed out to
> > the pastor that the author was a member of the Unification church.
> > I've seen Kent Hovind materials on the shelves of some of our
> > homeschooling parents. I don't see how I, as someone who teaches
> > evolutionary theory every semester, could possible consent to my kids
> > being exposed to that.
> > I could stomach them studying the views of Wise or Todd much easier
> > (though I would still disagree and try to convince them to read Colins
> > or Falk as an antidote.)
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