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From: Louise Freeman <>
Date: Wed Nov 04 2009 - 13:19:37 EST

Unfortunaely, I don't think the "honest creationists" (we need to come up
with a better term for them; the rank-and-file YEC's probably wouldn't
appreciate the implication that they are "dishonest creationists') are as
good at selling books, films and homeschooling materials as the other kind.
I have a feeling that, sooner or later, the church youth group is going to
offer a "study" on evolution of the typical "it's a fraud" variety; and I'm
going to be face with the uncomfortable decision of whether to pull my kids
from the class. Our church bookstore sold Wells' Icons of Evolution until I
pointed out to the pastor that the author was a member of the Unification
church. I've seen Kent Hovind materials on the shelves of some of our
homeschooling parents. I don't see how I, as someone who teaches
evolutionary theory every semester, could possible consent to my kids being
exposed to that.

I could stomach them studying the views of Wise or Todd much easier (though
I would still disagree and try to convince them to read Colins or Falk as an

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