Re: [asa] Interesting blog post

From: Andrew Wetzel <>
Date: Wed Nov 04 2009 - 12:52:05 EST

The original link was Joshua Rosenau's response to Todd Wood's post on
idolatry - it's excellent! Thanks for sharing it, Louise!

As far as "Why can we only point to two?" who don't go along with the
party line, I'd guess the social pressure resulting from the "idolatry"
Wood describes is pretty extreme. I find it much easier to be "out" as
an Evangelical Christian homeschooler to our local evolutionary
biologists than vice versa. Perhaps people like Wood are the beginning
of a tipping point...

Andrew Wetzel

On 11/4/2009 11:24 AM, Dennis Venema wrote:
> Todd Wood is always worth a read. He, along with Kurt Wise, are known
> as "the honest creationists" among biologists of all creeds (or none).
> To paraphrase a recent credit card advertisement:
> Christians who hold to YEC: a dime a dozen
> Christians who are honest about the evidence for evolution:
> regretfully rare
> Both attributes in one person: priceless.
> The fact that Todd can be honest about the evidence for evolution
> immediately raises the question: why is his approach so vanishingly
> rare? As Christians, honesty is a basic tenet of the faith. Where are
> the other honest creationists? Why can we point to only two?
> Todd has a new post up as of yesterday on this issue: read it all, and
> read it now: it's worth every word.
> On 04/11/09 9:05 AM, "Ted Davis" <> wrote:
> Todd Wood, the creationist from Bryan College who is the topic of
> the blog entry Louise sent us
> (,
> will be speaking at Messiah next spring, about the state of
> creationist ideas today. ASA members take note: you can attend a
> 3-lecture symposium he will do on Sat April 10.
> Ted
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