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Michael Roberts wrote:

> 1.. human-induced climate change is real;
> 2.. the consequences of climate change will be significant and will hit the poor the hardest;
> 3.. Christian moral convictions demand our response;
> 4.. and, governments, businesses, churches and individuals all have a role to play in addressing climate change - starting now.

Well outlined.

One thing that puzzles me with regard to the climate change issue is how
the battle lines seem drawn between "It is on and we are in serious
trouble and need to act NOW" VS "it is not happening and we are not in
serious trouble so we need not to much/anything". Yet while the
antagonists death-stare each other across the line they (or at least the
non-believers) ignore the bleeding patient - which is what it seems
like to me.

I did my degrees in pseudo science (political science ;) and Intl.
relations). But I took at least one course on the causes of
environmental degradation caused by civilisations and in turn, the
impact of said environmental degradation on civilisation. It showed a
very strong cause and effect relationship between the destructive
environmental acts and the effect it then had on the civilisation. Duh

My point is - it is almost irrelevant whether the globe is warming or
not. It is like a group of doctors standing over a gunshot victim
arguing if the tumour they just found in the victim's head is in fact
benign or aggressive and whether it will kill the patient or not...while
the patient bleeds out in front of them.

The human race is changing the environment. Its' actions always have and
always will. Whilst this can be for the good there are invariably
negative side affects. We see this every day, everywhere. We need to
work to preserve the environment and heal what we can. If the globe is
warming these steps will help towards that issue too. If the globe is
not warming these steps will STILL help to preserve the human race and
the earth. IOW, whether the globe is warming or not we need to work to
save the environment because if we do not, environmental destruction
will call in its debts - be it global warming or something else. To take
steps to ward off global warming is a win-win.


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