Re: [asa] Concerning Janice Matchett

From: John Burgeson (ASA member) <>
Date: Mon Nov 02 2009 - 16:17:31 EST

Thanks, Ted. Janice has been sending me some of her views -- because
the subject lines are the same they get included in ASA threads.
(Gmail shows all incoming mail in threads according to subject).

I wasted some time with her -- very unproductive! As you say -- she
knows the truth. Must be nice.

On 11/2/09, Ted Davis <> wrote:
> Cameron,
> What you decide to do, relative to the opinions of Janice Matchett, is of
> course up to you. However, let me give you some information. Despite
> appearances to the contrary, Ms Matchett's message did not come to you via
> the ASA list. It came probably as a blind copy of something that she tried
> to send to our list. She must have your email address on file, probably
> from reading our list from the archives. She used to be on the ASA list,
> but we permanently removed her for repeatedly ignoring our instructions not
> to use the list for partisan political purposes. She seems to think that
> the ASA list exists for her purposes, not ours (and she isn't even a
> member); and, she seems to think that we all need the kind of enlightenment
> that only she can bring us.
> Ignore her, Cameron, and block her from sending you anything. That is the
> only effective way to deal with her. I'm sure she hasn't read your book.
> She isn't interested in the subtleties of your views, Cameron, any more than
> she's interested in the subtleties of my views. She knows the truth and
> will not be dissuaded by facts, or by the views of people who have actually
> studied a topic in a serious scholarly way.
> We'll let you reply to her stand, Cameron, since your book got dragged into
> something happening elsewhere in cyberspace, that unwillingly involved some
> people who post here since she grabs names and addresses from us. But, we
> have no wish to continue this particular part of the conversation further.
> I'm sorry you got caught up in it.
> Ted
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