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  Lynn Margulis has done a lot of railing against neo-Darwinism over the years. She really is a maverick--and a rather refreshing one, in a way. (She was the first wife of Carl Sagan) She came up with the endosymbiotic theory which emphasized the cooperative element in prokaryotic evolution. That is, different prokaryotic strains merged. Strongly rejected at first, it's become more accepted now, I think. In a broader sense, she emphasizes cooperation among various species, and consequent gene sharing, instead of competition. She loves to tweak neo-darwinists for their emphasis on competition.
  She's pretty feisty in her manner. I think she was somehow involved with Lovelock in developing the Gaia hypothesis.
  When she calls a "mechanism" of evolution as being bogus, it's pretty clear she's trying to get more acceptance of her own ideas of the importance of cooperation relative to competition. As usual, both sides have probably exaggerated the relative importance of their own ideas and there's an element of truth on both sides.

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  I just witnessed Lynn Margulis rail against 'neo-Darwinism' *and* 'western' biologists wrt their supposed 'mechanisms' of 'evolution,' which she thinks are bogus)

  Can you point to this? Thanks.

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