Re: [asa] ID question? - TE does or doesn't 'limit evolution'?

From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Thu Oct 29 2009 - 13:34:01 EDT

"I agree that evolution as a totalizing metanarrative should be challenged." - George Murphy Yes, Amen! So, how are you challenging totalistic evolution, George? What are the limits of 'evolution' as a concept, idea, paradigm, framework, Rev. George? Surely there are some. To me it seems ridiculous to suggest that 'God evolves.' Yet you have suggested that 'God's ethics evolve,' haven't you? I don't expect you to have an alternative to 'naturalism' (i.e. raising the conversation to ideology), but rather that you might somehow contribute to a dialogue in which 'physicalism' is defeated, 'materialism' is defeated, and in which 'naturalism' is placed in contrast to *higher* (i.e. more complex) fields such as anthropology, economics, psychology, or sociology (i.e. where the most important topics that sway the 'public' about the *reality* or *non-reality* of 'evolution' remain), so that a crude (let's even call it 'vulgar') 'evolutionism' as a totalizing ideology cannot gain a foothold. But it seems that you resist this role, George, for whatever reason, and I don't understand why. But then again, I am not american! You are against 'evolution' as a totalizing metanarrative. Hurrah!!! Yet it seems you are hesitant to take this view any further because you don't want to be seen as a 'creationist' by Americans. Is this accurate? Gregory  __________________________________________________________________ Make your browsing faster, safer, and easier with the new Internet Explorer® 8. Optimized for Yahoo! Get it Now for Free! at

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