Re: [asa] Dawkins new book - objective

From: Merv Bitikofer <>
Date: Thu Oct 29 2009 - 00:09:17 EDT

I'm not sure, Bernie, if you are thinking of me as one of these friends
or not --- I don't believe I've had any correspondence with you that
didn't go to the whole list. But that aside, feel free to think of me
as a sympathizer (and a friend); and I mean that relationally, not
intellectually. I.e. The golden rule still applies (let's apply at
least one of these morals we've been so focused on) --and I wouldn't
want people to have open season humor about me even if I deserved it
--and I often do & have; hence my empathy for someone who seems to be
getting picked on here (and you are repeatedly ignoring or dismissing
intelligent replies, Bernie, make no mistake. I say this as one who has
been "sat on" too, in the past, usually because I thoroughly deserved
it.) So I don't number myself as one who thinks it good for you to
persist --not if you can't burst out of your current, & so far
persistent frame of mind. People do legitimately lose patience when a
conversation gets locked in a rut, and it seems that nothing healthy is
happening in our exchanges here. As the Apostle Paul noted, sometimes
people just have to be let go to pursue what they've set their mind on.
And perhaps the quicker you try other venues of conversational exchange,
Bernie, the quicker you'll see where your current trail leads you,
perhaps giving you new wisdom accordingly. Just my two cents.


Don Nield wrote:
> David:
> I was not seeking a poll -- not even a non-binding one. Since Bernie
> said that he has several friends on on this list I was curious about
> how many of them now approve of the way he is conducting his
> discussion in response to the replies that he has received.
> Don

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