Re: [asa] Dawkins new book - objective

From: Don Nield <>
Date: Wed Oct 28 2009 - 22:15:06 EDT

I was not seeking a poll -- not even a non-binding one. Since Bernie
said that he has several friends on on this list I was curious about how
many of them now approve of the way he is conducting his discussion in
response to the replies that he has received.

IDavid Clounch wrote:
> Did Bernie really say the following?
> [quote]
> Praise the Lord! (For the sick of heckling part. Discussion would be
> so much better without it, as they are a form of personal attack.)
> [unquote]
> If so...why does an anti-Christian say "Praise the Lord!" ??? Is
> that derision? Is that mocking? Doesn't it have the appearance of
> mocking when said by a detractor? I don't know. I have my own
> opinion. Maybe I'm getting it wrong.
> This is a distinguished crowd that I don't deserve to participate in.
> It is a privilege, not a right. Members can sometimes kid around a
> bit. Members can be antagonistic with each other...up to a point. But
> what one doesn't do is go up to Albert Einstein, kick him in the shins
> every day because he doesn't accept one's criticism of the
> photoelectric effect, and then chide him for turning away.
> But, ya know Don, its not like the list members really have any say.
> How many list readers are there? 600? With 60 actively posting? What
> if in a poll 55 say stop it, and 5 say keep going? What do the ASA
> moderators do then? Do they have a rule about this? I feel sorry for
> them to even have to think about making any rule.
> I'd suggest by all means give atheist activists their say, but by
> guest appearance only. But nobody owes them an infinite microphone.
> I don't think anybody owes *me* or any other member an infinite
> microphone. Thats why anyone demanding one seems like sheer hubris
> in my opinion.
> I think you posters ought to be able to vote me off the island if I
> get out of line, act stupid, act disruptive, and offend everybody.
> And if you cannot embarrass me into reforming my ways then maybe thats
> actually my personal problem? And I ought to be graceful enough to
> go of my own accord? Well, that hasnt happened (yet) and I don't
> know exactly quite how I'd feel. Perhaps I'd blame you guys and
> complain a lot. :) But I'd never say you shouldnt have the right to
> vote to cast me out for being a perpetual jerk. And I'd never say
> you have to give me, on your nickle, internet bandwidth so I can
> complain about you.
> But Don, you see to be asking for "holding court". Hmmmm...there's an
> idea.
> Thank you,
> Dave C (ASA member)
> On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 6:04 PM, Don Nield <
> <>> wrote:
> Does anyone on this list want to encourage Bernie to continue as
> he has been doing?
> Don
> You'd be better off speaking only for yourself instead of
> others. You are not aware of friends that I have on this
> discussion list. I think most of us learned as kids "If you
> don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."
> That would be helpful.
> ...Bernie
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