Re: [asa] Dawkins new book - objective

From: David Clounch <>
Date: Wed Oct 28 2009 - 21:05:56 EDT

Did Bernie really say the following?

Praise the Lord! (For the sick of heckling part. Discussion would be so
much better without it, as they are a form of personal attack.)

If so...why does an anti-Christian say "Praise the Lord!" ??? Is that
derision? Is that mocking? Doesn't it have the appearance of mocking
when said by a detractor? I don't know. I have my own opinion. Maybe I'm
getting it wrong.

This is a distinguished crowd that I don't deserve to participate in. It is
a privilege, not a right. Members can sometimes kid around a bit. Members
can be antagonistic with each other...up to a point. But what one doesn't
do is go up to Albert Einstein, kick him in the shins every day because he
doesn't accept one's criticism of the photoelectric effect, and then
chide him for turning away.

But, ya know Don, its not like the list members really have any say. How
many list readers are there? 600? With 60 actively posting? What if in a
poll 55 say stop it, and 5 say keep going? What do the ASA moderators do
then? Do they have a rule about this? I feel sorry for them to even have
to think about making any rule.

I'd suggest by all means give atheist activists their say, but by guest
appearance only. But nobody owes them an infinite microphone. I don't
think anybody owes *me* or any other member an infinite microphone. Thats
why anyone demanding one seems like sheer hubris in my opinion.

I think you posters ought to be able to vote me off the island if I get out
of line, act stupid, act disruptive, and offend everybody. And if you
cannot embarrass me into reforming my ways then maybe thats actually my
personal problem? And I ought to be graceful enough to go of my own
accord? Well, that hasnt happened (yet) and I don't know exactly quite
how I'd feel. Perhaps I'd blame you guys and complain a lot. :) But I'd
never say you shouldnt have the right to vote to cast me out for being a
perpetual jerk. And I'd never say you have to give me, on your nickle,
internet bandwidth so I can complain about you.

But Don, you see to be asking for "holding court". Hmmmm...there's an idea.

Thank you,
Dave C (ASA member)

On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 6:04 PM, Don Nield <> wrote:

> Does anyone on this list want to encourage Bernie to continue as he has
> been doing?
> Don
>> You'd be better off speaking only for yourself instead of others. You are
>> not aware of friends that I have on this discussion list. I think most of
>> us learned as kids "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say
>> anything at all." That would be helpful.
>> ...Bernie
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