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From: Steve Martin <>
Date: Mon Oct 26 2009 - 22:24:32 EDT

Hi Murray,

Well, I'd call this conversation a mutation rather than a morph - and an
(ahem) intelligently designed mutation at that. I was following up on one
of Ted's comments re: orthodox scientists ... to me, the historical trends
re: holding both orthodox theology & accepting evolution is very
interesting. So, Polkinghorne's comment that:

The Nicene Creed provides us with the outline of a rationally defensible
> theology which can be embraced with integrity as much today as when it was
> first formulated in the fourth century. (Science & Trinity, page 29)

would have been supported by very few scientists 60-80 years ago (or at
least, North American scientists - see: Michael's comment re: the different
situation across the pond). Today there is quite a bit of support for this
position. And it appears to me that this support is growing rapidly .. and
beyond just scientific specialties. Who knows, a generation from now, this
acceptance might not even be a minority position anymore.


On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 2:46 PM, Murray Hogg <>wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I think the definition of "orthodox" has morphed.
> Didn't we start by discussing Eastern Orthodox views of evolution - now we
> seem to have swung to a rather more generic definition of "orthodox" - as in
> "theologically orthodox"?
> -Murray
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