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Date: Sun Oct 25 2009 - 14:23:41 EDT

Quoting David Clounch <>:
> It seems to me TE's would be very very vested in making sure all these ideas
> can be discussed in public schools because after all, they are the guys
> saying religion and science are not in any conflict whatsoever.
> Thanks,
> Dave C

If it is simply secondary (high school level) public education you are
referring to then these kinds of (advanced physics) topics are given very
little attention in science classes. We love to "process" them as students
inevitably ask (or a teacher invites) great questions, but as a formal part of
the curriculum, they will be at the end of the year's list of topics which a
class may or may not get to. That is because we are too busy trying to give
them an appreciation of the much more basic classic Newtonian universe that
they haven't yet grasped, let alone the modern physics that goes beyond all
that. If a student doesn't have a foundation in classical physics, he or she
isn't yet in a position to appreciate the conundra of modern physics.

If it is the religious aspect of tough questions you were referring to -by all
means. Bring it on (but again, not at the expense of not teaching them basic
physics in physics class). I have the luxury of teaching at a Christian school
where I don't need to worry about staying away from such topics.)


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