Re: [asa] Almost Half of Evangelical Theologians Accept Evolution?

From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Sat Oct 24 2009 - 19:14:28 EDT
Michael Roberts wrote:
This quotation sums up the problem over YEC  " it would be a very common YEC view that those who have embraced evolution have substituted the objective Word of God for man's word."

Where there are attitudes like that - and they are common - no fellowship is possible. But perhaps that is the intention
Not just YEC but other trivial issues of church life are used as excuses to break fellowship in some fundamentalistic groups.  My dad was an ordained minister in a particular denomination in Canada but because he taught at an college with people from other denominations like Presbyterians, Mennonites, CRC, Lutherans, Anglicans etc. dad was not welcome to preach and maybe even not to take communion, at some churches in the same denomination where he was ordained.  "Come ye out and be separate" can be carried to insane extremes.  This kind of extreme rigidity needs to be rejected out of hand and spoken against. IMO.  If the young people go off to university they often are totally adrift as groups like IVCF are considered beyond the pale. 

Dave W

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