Re: [asa] Denomenational Change

From: Schwarzwald <>
Date: Fri Oct 23 2009 - 07:53:00 EDT

Heya all,

I have some anecdotal orthodox experience, so I'll share this: I'd say
George Murphy is right. I think the distinction here is that, doctrinally,
the orthodox don't have a YEC or anti-evolution position - they're free to
take a non-literal view of Genesis (though with the emphasis that God is
creating through whatever ways, and that humanity occupies a very particular
place in creation, with a relationship with God, etc.) I'm actually
fascinated by some of the orthodox perspective, as it has more of an
emphasis on the mystical, as opposed to Catholic views (which tend to
heavily emphasize philosophy and reason) or protestant (Which has a heavy
emphasis on the bible itself/alone).

But I would suspect that, at least in some areas, there's a personal
hostility to evolutionary views. Only because so much of orthodoxy was very
recently under an oppressive atheist regime (oddly enough, I sometimes get
the impression that the world has forgotten this - that it wasn't very long
ago that so many religious people were killed, harassed, etc in the name of
progress or a "scientific worldview"), and that evolution certainly played
some role in the intellectual side of that experience.

In other words, while I'm sure you can find orthodox who have a YEC view, it
seems more likely to be a personal or community thing. Not a doctrinal
stance of the church itself.

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