Re: [asa] geological dating

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Thu Oct 22 2009 - 16:01:04 EDT

> Don, index fossils provide an index simply because they occur in various
> strata, in a distinctive order.  One could posit, for instance, old-earth
> creationism such that various species were created at various points in the
> earth's history, but without a biological common descent from one to the
> other.  The fossils exist, the geological strata exist, and the index
> fossils would still provide a reference to correlating them *with or
> without* biological evolution being the explanation for the progression.  At
> least that's my understanding of the question and David's statement on the
> matter.

Yes. We observe that there are patterns in the distribution of
organisms in the geologic column. This gives us index fossils.
Evolution provides an explanation, but it is possible to merely note
the fact that certain things occur in certain layers without thinking
about why. This does not mean that evolution is a mere add-on; in
fact it is a rather useful but negelcted aid to understanding the
sequence of organisms.

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