[asa] Symposium on Genetics

From: David Clounch <david.clounch@gmail.com>
Date: Wed Oct 21 2009 - 20:40:21 EDT


Bob asked me to pass on the information for the Symposium on Genetics held
in September at the University of Minnesota. The symposium and banquet were
held in honor of V. Elving Anderson, who was a past president of the ASA.

On the list Ted recently referred to the book by Ruth Schwartz Cowan. She
was one of the guest speakers. All the speakers were truly excellent.


Dave C.

Dear Symposium and Banquet Registrants and Speakers:

Iím pleased to announce that we have posted papers and presentations,
including the audio of the Saturday evening banquet honoring Elving
Anderson, on the following page:



Robert Osburn, PhD
Wilberforce Academy

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