Re: [asa] An Intelligent Design Riddle

From: Schwarzwald <>
Date: Tue Oct 20 2009 - 23:06:16 EDT

Heya all,

A few comments. I certainly agree with Murray that such an explanation does
"push things back a step" in a sense. However - what a step it is. Again,
it's not the multiverse concept alone which I'm finding interesting here.
It's this acknowledgment that this leads to, in essence, deism or polydeism
at the very least. Mind you, I agree with Paul Davies' criticisms in this
regard. But keep in mind, as unorthodox as it is, these views aren't being
written by people with (apparently) any opening religious motivation. I
remember the cover story/article from a while back of "God or the
Multiverse". Apparently we not only can have both, but the latter may make
something akin to the former a near certainty.

And I'd agree with what I take to be Mike's sentiment. I don't know what the
OoL is, but certainly panspermia is at least a logical possibility for how
life came to be on earth. I'm very neutral on the OoL subject (I do
regularly read a Panspermia-advocating website), but I suppose it's one

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