Re: [asa] Berlinski vs. the New Atheists

From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Tue Oct 20 2009 - 18:24:33 EDT

Cameron Wybrow wrote:
> I'm glad that Mike Behe and Steve Meyer
> are the polite gentlemen that they are, but (being Canadian I'll use a
> hockey analogy), just as every team needs an "enforcer" to protect its
> Bobby Orrs and Wayne Gretzkys from cheap physical attacks by the thugs
> on the other team, so ID needs Berlinski to patrol the scientific ice
> and respond to goon behaviour in kind. The only difference is that in
> hockey, the enforcer is usually not one of the most skillful players on
> the team, and that clearly doesn't apply to Berlinski.

Just on this ice hockey analogy...

"... toughness and/or being called an enforcer/fighter really has very little to do with being a "heavyweight", IMHO. An example would be Murray Hogg that played in FW with the Fire and Brahmas. He was strong, tough and a great fighter, but he rarely fought. He had a reputation and it wasn't from fighting, just simply being tough."


Smug grin!


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