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Date: Tue Oct 20 2009 - 17:00:09 EDT

It's interesting to peruse somebody's rather uncharitable (is it deservedly so?)
characterization of him on Wikipedia. (And if it's on Wikipedia it has to be
true :>)

By the way -- my experience (albeit limited & intentionally so) on E-bay is that
if it's going for $200 there, then you can probably buy it off the shelf of some
starving local retailer for a lot less. People today love to assume that
"on-line" = "great deal" and "local vendors" = "ripoff" which is sorta like me
saying that Wikipedia = true. When I have too much money and just need to burn
some of it on exorbitant pricing, E-bay would do the job handily. All that
said, I'm not above chasing those "cyber-deals" myself.


Quoting Cameron Wybrow <>:

> As there seems to be a fair bit of interest in refuting the "new atheists"
> here, people might be interested to know that David Berlinski's book, The
> Devil's Delusion, has finally been re-issued in paperback. (The hardcover
> sold out in two months last year, and the original publisher inexplicably
> refused to put out a second print run, or a paperback! So a new publisher
> has put out the paperback.)
> Berlinski has been in the States promoting the book. There is a substantial
> new interview with him which is very good. He discusses the flaws in the
> arguments of the new atheists, but also religion and science generally.
> Information and links are here:
> As the interviewer points out, in no way can Berlinski's critique of certain
> leading scientific personalities and theories (including neo-Darwinism) be
> construed as based on fundamentalism or literalism of any kind, as he's not
> even a Christian, but identifies himself as a secular Jew. And Berlinski is
> just a joy to listen to, formidably learned and articulate, yet in a sense a
> rebel against the elite scientific and cultured class that he belongs to.
> He does not worship what they worship, and he does not flatter what they
> flatter, and he does not cringe before their opinion. He's also
> delightfully witty, and one thing that is very much missing in all the
> Darwinism-ID-TE debates is a sense of humour.
> I missed the book last year, and wasn't going to pay $200 for an e-bay copy,
> so I haven't read it yet. But I imagine it is very good.
> Cameron.
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