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My friend and his brother which are both SES faculty are staunch YECs. Further, Johnny Hunt is the President of the Southern Baptist Association and the pastor of a large Baptist megachurch here that sponsors our kid's assisted homeschool program is also an outspoken YEC. Notice no ID or science related speakers. I found out about this through RTB who said that although their speakers can't attend due to conflicts, they will have representation there through literature and handouts. Notice the link to booth and advertising opportunities. I suggested to ASA leadership that they consider having a booth there to break into this circle and hopefully influence them in the right direction. John ________________________________ From: "" <> To:; Sent: Tue, October 20, 2009 12:54:14 PM Subject: Re: [asa] National Apologetics Conference... I think this mainly reflects the emphasis of Southern Evangelical Seminary's apologetics program.  Some of the same folks have been involved in a Bay Area apologetics conference for the past three years (  Most of the speakers here have been OEC (e.g. Geisler, Craig, Koukl, Hannegraaf), but a few YECs have been included (e.g. Reynolds).  Most of the audience has been YEC, which has led to some interesting discussions. Kirk -----Original Message----- From: John Walley <> To: AmericanScientificAffiliation <> Sent: Tue, Oct 20, 2009 3:05 am Subject: [asa] National Apologetics Conference... This is an interesting conference. Seems to me that the YEC's and OEC's have agreed to temporarily reconcile and agree on the theological aspects of Christian apologetics. I found out that my friend Richard Howe who was on the list for a while and his brother will both be speaking there. nationalapologeticsconference dot com John To unsubscribe, send a message to with "unsubscribe asa" (no quotes) as the body of the message.

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