Re: [asa] Francis Collins shows mild signs of dementia, NA snark

From: Murray Hogg <>
Date: Mon Oct 19 2009 - 18:31:19 EDT

Schwarzwald wrote:
Ethical systems are easy for
> anyone, even nihilists, to come by - throw out some rules, insist they
> should be followed, and congratulations: You now have an ethical system.

Herr Schwarzwald,

Mit this I am makink the sehr furious agreement.

Der nice think about being der atheistic nihilist is exactly that one can play der ‹bermensch und impose vot-ever rules ist gut fur the self-aktualization.

Not at all like you pasty Amerikuns mit your whimpy, weak at der nees Christian slave morality vot is learned in der Sunday Schulle.

Zat one is at der risk of catchink der syphilis, goink mad, und droppink dead is a minor zide-effect.

I bid you auf wiedersehen, you pasty Christian type mit not der zingle moral backbone in your entire body.

Friedrich Neitzsche

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