RE: [asa] morals/ethics (was: Francis Collins shows mild signs of dementia, NA snark)

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Date: Mon Oct 19 2009 - 15:25:34 EDT

Quoting "Dehler, Bernie" <>:

> Merv said:
> "Here is my challenge to YOU, Bernie: Assuming that you equally disapprove
> of their atheistic misbehavior, what do you go and challenge them with? What
> basis do you give them for saying: "what you are doing is wrong"? "
> I think this can only be discussed given a specific example, so please
> provide one.
> Most likely, I bet a thoughtful Christian and atheist can agree on many
> things because of decency and logic.

I'll use the example I already brought up, only this time I'll be specific:
Stalin "purges" his leaders whom he suspects may not be loyal to him.
Christians say that political leaders shouldn't murder their opposition. If we
do, you can call us hypocrites. But Stalin was an atheist. What would YOU have
said to Stalin that could be a basis for "correcting" his behavior?


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