RE: [asa] Francis Collins shows mild signs of dementia, NA snark

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Date: Mon Oct 19 2009 - 13:40:12 EDT

Quoting "Dehler, Bernie" <>:

> George said:
> "I've tried to bear in mind. & one weakness of the position of many atheists
> is that they have no clear basis for their ethics."
> Bernie replies: "Neither do Christians."

So, Bernie, here's a challenge. When Christians do things like the crusades,
inquisitions, shooting abortion doctors, blindly being "pro-Israel" on every
political issue no matter what the consequences to anyone ... the list could go
on; you feel free to challenge their actions as being wrong. On what basis do
you decide that? You are free to respond that Christians are failing to live up
to their own calling --their own religious claims --(hypocrites, in other
words). Now what if a group of atheists (as outspoken atheists --thinking of
the Soviet era e.g.) engage in their bit of mischief. Here is my challenge to
YOU, Bernie: Assuming that you equally disapprove of their atheistic
misbehavior, what do you go and challenge them with? What basis do you give
them for saying: "what you are doing is wrong"?

Christians, contrary to what you say, have that very clear basis even if they
fail to follow it --even if you choose not to believe in it --until it suits
your purpose as a tool for selectively thinking Christians are hypocrites.


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